Sabtu, 02 April 2011

First April and Flood

Happy birthday to me :D First April is my birthday haha eighteen years is the age that indicating me that i was ready to face this world full of fake :) Thanks for all the pray all those wishes you gave , thanks for the SURPRISE and CAKE :D

Tari, Ali, sama Dani pagi pagi dateng kerumah masuk kamar kasi surprise nyanyi nyanyi , aaaagh unfortunately the pictures are in tari's camera i forgot to asked those photos >.< And on night, arlia came alone and bring super-duper-nyummieeh cake and sing happy birthday to me alone , that was a ROMANTIC moment that she shared with me ^^ she also hit me with eggs on my head under the rain and finally we're dancing under the rain hahaha

capture it with my phone so isn't too good

But bad newwws, Medan is flood aaaah floods everywhere . Traffic jam , stuck in moment when i was on my way to campus. My lecturer force that OCEANOGRAPHY MID TERMS MUST BE IMPLENTED EVEN IT FLOOD ! God ! Finally I got my campus by TRUC
K and also wet shoes .

Today i was on Indri's home just spent my weekend time . When i was on bathroom to pee , Muhza knock on the door force me to out because she want to pee too . So I open the door and they scream "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" oh gosh i love you fellaaaaas :*

so i have 3 delicious nyummeh cakes from my lovey , thanks gallssss i don't want to lose you . hope i can be better :)

thanks all , for the great expression and prays . i lovs you all :*

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