Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

i'm alive still alive

Seems it takes very long long time, I'm not writing anymore. Class really take my time, also my bedtime. Only one or two weekend that i can waste with friends, cause really i neeeed to laugh and see my old friends growin up without me. 
I really missing my old time, when every homework can done together, not like this lecture. Every student must have different object to done. I miss every extracurricular day that we used to waste, every Physical Education class that we used to do.......seems like everything changin.. age, face, habitual, places, school, and friends. I just need to put all of my memories back of my brain, and really concentrate to my future. not to forget all of my memories, but....everyone has forget about it!! and i'm still alive and really wanted it all back. How could i stand alone? I can't.

So here I am. Wishing all the best for all my friends, and also for me too. 
Wish we have best luck in every step :)

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