Sabtu, 30 Mei 2009

I've done and I'm fed up

yeah , i've done made my banner for my new blog . ooh my god , what a hell day . here one of the results :

I shouldn't face this day with this all . I'm trying to forget about my exam , but he always loaded in my mind , so i still remember the situation on exam . oh shit i hate that :(
menurut nomor ujian , aku berada di nomor dua dari belakang karena namaku paling akhir . so I must have a preparations , to save my self and my report card huahuahua .
I still don't know about this all . about my life , about my friends . I think everyone doesn't care about that , so that's what I do . But , actually , they care about me . But I just care about my self . They don't care about me , that's what I've thought . And that's wrong .. They care about me , they love me . but I still ignored that . Ooh my god , I'm sorry . I swear we will fix this problem okay :)

It's late at night , i had been made a plan to studying my history and KWN . but , apa mau dikata , too late feel lazy . I'm lazy for done allll , huahuahua , why ?

Tomorrow , I will studying God , I really really want to up to the next grade . help me , god :D wish me luck :)

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