Saturday, June 13, 2009

The wind blows

"There was a day

You threw our love away
Then you passed it to someone new

You wanna stay But since you wanna play
We can finally say we're through

There are times you're so impossible
and you ask me to go

I'll leave when the wind blows
Take a breath and there it goes

I'll be outside of your window
I'll pass by but I'll go slow
I'll leave when the wind blows"
(The Wind Blows - The All American Rejects)

gaktau harus ngapain lagi huahahha . mau tertawa terbahak terlepas darinya atau meraung menangis melepas dirinya ?
kuharap dia menyesal -- tapi gak usah juga lah . berlalu aja . biarkan berlalu huhahah tapi masih sedih huhu

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