Kamis, 03 September 2009

i think i'll be trapped again in same old story . it's pathetic , how friendship , how it should be a lovely , turning into hostility . how could i get out from this tearful tragedy . huuhhh :( , but forget about it . i've heard a new song and i love that lyrics !

"When you love someone just be brave to say

That you want him to be with you

When you hold your love don’t ever let him go
Or you will loose your chance to make your dream come true

I never thought that I'm so strong
I stuck on you and wait so long
But when love comes it can’t be wrong

Don’t ever give up, just try and try to get what you want
Cause love will find the way"

i pick it from "when you love someone-endah n rhesa"

its simple but touching me , oww ! haha and boy don't you know , your egoism will not lead you into good way . u'r kind boy but that's your minus , you never want to know what across in the other minds about what you are ! and what about my fast ? haha i'm not fasting until today , from week ago hahaha . i lost it haha but it's not bad because i act like devil who ask people to canceled out they fast hahaha i love it haha*devil laugh*

it's such a looooong day that i wasting with them , lovely guy haha always made me want to laugh everyway haha

and for everyone , enjoy your holiday :)

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