Kamis, 12 November 2009

heaven mistakes ; october 11th

hey yea , whats up dude . setelah tertelan bumi dengan kesibukan kelas tiga yang sangat tidak penting rasaku , tapi tetap harus dijalankan aarrrgggh , aku kembali dalam waktu yang bisa membuatku melupakan sekolah busuk perusak bahagia itu haha . aku kembali dengan cerita yang berbeda :)

when i wrote on September 27th , i write it for someone who being my best friend . but now the story was different now . everyone always looking us ugly . they don't like if we get closer everyday . they always thought that we have a special relationship hahaha but it's true :D sometimes i knew that they talking about me and my boy when i was passed them off . maybe they want to make a joke but i think it's bad .

why people can doing something that they not mean to do that ? why people always thinking me as a VANDAL who broken the relationship . hey , did you have brain ? could you said something that i and people understand ? stop nosy the people life , lets make some move . why don't you take care of your life ? stop talking about us or scream to make us realize that you're talking about me haha . do you think i care ? hahaha no , big big no . just continue your cheap gossip and haha i don't turn my mind to care :)

i know that i make a mistakes , sorry , maybe , many mistakes for you friends (ehm i'm not sure did you still considered me as your friends or maybe now as your enemy . idk .. ) . i'm not regret it because this is the way i choose . you may think me as betrayer , i know i wrong but i'm not thought thats me . i can't say anything than Sorry :(

but , I LOVE HIM , so what could you do to make us separated ?
i love you my astro :*

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