Minggu, 14 Februari 2010

far from mom ?

"yaampun makan aja masih disuap , sok sok nekat kuliah di luar ?"

that's exactly what mom said , when i always told her that i will leave home for my education . whoah makes me confuseddddz and not sure again and again for that choice ...
and also dad , he said "are you sure?" when i told him that i had choose outer town university . friends , grandma and zzzzzzzz my maid , they not sure that i will stay there without them .

they said i'm spoilt , always need help for doin somethin and i can't stand by myself .
yeah i know it , i always have a fear for somethin that i never done before .

and i'm a wastefullyyy girls oh yes i am . how could you stay without mom ? i dunnoo i must try to do my best , i wont know if i haven't try , rite ?

"what about wash your shirt , not come home late , what will you eat , your health hon ?" my mom ask . mom , oh my god . i know i can't separated from you but i pretend to look brave in front of you . medan is not good anymore for me , the situation makes me nauseous , but is there more comfortable for me ? who knows . pray , and i will try ..

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