Sabtu, 10 Juli 2010

oh Tuhan , sepertinya blog ku ini sudah dikerumuni oleh sarang laba laba dan berbagai binatang lainnya karena aaaah aku tidak sempat mengisinya . aaaaaaah too much story to told :( bout my birthday , my holiday-travel-and exam with family and boyfie , my SUPER SENSATIONAL ACCIDENT , my "new-ending" school , LIFE AND f*ckin story bout it , until talk about my boyfie :p

life doesn't mean anything without probs . hmm even though , you should walk on it with patiently, super patiently . i don't know how to describe about my last five months life one bye one ..

haaah actually i wanna share picture and story with you , but i know it will spend endless hours haha . i just post this to make my account little life haha , btw for my dad , hmm take care there . cepat pulang bawa oleh oleh hua miss you >.<

however i miss my old life , my composed life , i still love and heart "now-life" cause i believe , there so much mystery in our life :)

happy weekend all , have a blast day :)

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